Procurement Outsourcing Services





Procurement Outsourcing is the process whereby a company engages an external service provider to manage their entire or part of their core or non-core purchase transactions. Freeing its important key resources to work on more strategic initiatives and handling important business activities. Outsourcing is also an important activity which helps companies to replace costly headcount positions with low cost resources of third party service provider for handling non-core activities and in turn realizing huge savings.




MDINA MEDIA specializes in procurement of INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTS. We can assist your purchasing department in optimizing resources. We professionalize and guide your procurement process, streamline procedures and contract management in close collaboration with our customers. Real added value is realized for both customers and suppliers, as the customer groups build up a larger amount of expertise and associated volumes.




In today’s turbulent economic times each procurement head has a mandate to focus on cost optimization initiatives, keeping quality of products intact or rather making it better. The procurement function has been elevated to a strategic component of value creation and a rich source of competitive advantage. To achieve this, rather than creating a world class procurement capability in-house, many companies have simply outsourced it.


It is important to recognize that outsourcing the procurement function does not necessarily mean a complete transfer of control but leveraging third-party services to achieve less cost and better efficiency.


MDINA MEDIA has the experience of handling large cost optimization or process improvement projects, especially where industrial products are concerned. With MDINA MEDIA on the job you can realign your key resources for important tasks rather than handling non-core activities, which otherwise consumes a major portion of their time.


MDINA MEDIA also offers her purchasing expertise as project management and consultancy at a wide range of customers who want to further professionalize their purchasing. Your company will be able to realize significant savings in the short term by placing a number of purchasing categories at MDINA MEDIA.