Mdina Media




Who are we?


MDINA MEDIA B.V. is a European, Netherlands-based company. We over 10 years of international experience with embedded solutions within the Digital Signage industry. MDINA MEDIA hardware is agnostic and works with any software. The only one in Europe with Embedded Certified players and a P.L.C. (product life cycle) that last 5–7 years. Furthermore we are a MICROSOFT and AMD embedded partner, and an ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) manufacturer. Customer is king.


What does MDINA MEDIA do best?


MDINA MEDIA is currently active in the Digital Signage market. Our core business is growing fast. MDINA MEDIA is mostly active in the following market segments; public transportation, airports, banks, hospitals, retail, menu boards etc. We also do P.O.S. (Point Of Sale) systems as well as industrial and office computers. All of our hardware is able to run and operate 24/7. As a compliment to this we develop software based on Microsoft Embedded.


How do we do it?


All of our hardware is custom made. It is assembled and tested in house, in the Netherlands. We have complete quality control of the product throughout the entire process. MDINA MEDIA is one of the few hardware companies to only use embedded, TUV certified, and industrial components for all of its products. This will ensure the stability and quality of our hardware. Our hardware can run 24/7 under extreme circumstances, from extreme temperatures (-20 till 60 degrees Celsius) to constant movement. This is very important for projects of a larger scale. Customers with larger projects may need the same components longer, because they will use the system for a longer period of time, such as Schiphol airport for example. The stable and long PLC (product life cycle) that we have been able to offer our clients, combined with our flexibility, is often one of the reasons why MDINA MEDIA is chosen.